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    • Heavy metal removal by biopolymers-based formulations with native potato starch/nopal mucilage 

      Choque Quispe, David; Ramos Pacheco, Betsy S.; Ligarda Samanez, Carlos A.; Barboza Palomino, Gloria I.; Kari Ferro, Aydeé; Taipe Pardo, Fredy; Choque Quispe, Yudith (Revista Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad de Antioquia, 2020)
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      The contamination of water bodies by heavy metals is a critical problem for human health and ecosystems, and it can bioaccumulate in organisms to toxic levels and even lead to the living being’s death. This research aimed ...
    • Preliminary characterization of a spray-dried hydrocolloid from a high andean algae (nostoc sphaericum) 

      Choque Quispe, David; Mojo Quisani, Antonieta; Ligarda Samanez, Carlos A.; Calla Florez, Miriam; Ramos Pacheco, Betsy S.; Zamalloa Puma, Lourdes Magaly; Peralta Guevara, Diego E.; Solano Reynoso, Aydeé M.; Choque Quispe, Yudith; Zamalloa Puma, Alan; Palomino Malpartida, Ybar G.; Medina Quiquin, Leidy D.; Kari Ferro, Aydeé (Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland., 2022)
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      The search for new natural sources of hydrocolloids with stabilizing, thickening, and good binding capacity, from raw materials that are environmentally friendly and that contribute to the circular economy is a challenge ...
    • Proposal of a water-quality index for high andean basins: application to the Chumbao river, Andahuaylas, Peru 

      Choque Quispe, David; Froehner, Sandro; Palomino Rincón, Henry; Peralta Guevara, Diego E.; Barboza Palomino, Gloria I.; Kari Ferro, Aydeé; Zamalloa Puma, Lourdes Magaly; Mojo Quisani, Antonieta; Barboza Palomino, Edward E.; Zamalloa Puma, Miluzka M.; Martínez Huamán, Edgar Luis; Calla Florez, Miriam; Aronés Medina, Edgar G.; Solano Reynoso, Aydeé M.; Choque Quispe, Yudith (Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland., 2022)
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      Thewater fromthe high Andean rivers is peculiar due to its composition and the geomorphology of its sources, and naturally or anthropogenically contamination is not discarded along its course. This water is used for ...
    • Water quality index in the high-andean micro-basin of the Chumbao river, Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Perú 

      Choque Quispe, David; Ligarda Samanez, Carlos A.; Solano Reynoso, Aydeé M.; Ramos Pacheco, Betsy S.; Quispe Quispe, Yadyra; Choque Quispe, Yudith; Kari Ferro, Aydeé (Revista Tecnología y ciencias del agua, 2021)
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      The water quality index (WQI) of a water body, indicates the degree of contamination for a given use, and it is related to the anthropic activities that they provoke around. The objective was to determine the WQI, in the ...
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