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    • Storage conditions and adsorption thermodynamic Propertiesfor purple Corn 

      Choque Quispe, David; Ramos Pacheco, Betsy S.; Choque Quispe, Yudith; Aguilar Salazar, Rolando F.; Mojo Quisani, Antonieta; Calla Florez, Miriam; Solano Reynoso, Aydeé M.; Zamalloa Puma, Miluzka M.; Palomino Malpartida, Ybar G.; Alcarraz Alfaro, Tarcila; Zamalloa Puma, Alan (Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland., 2022)
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      Adsorption isotherms provide insight into the thermodynamic properties governed by food storage conditions. Adsorption isotherms of purple corn of the Canteño variety were evaluated at 18, 25, and 30 C, for the equilibrium ...
    • Study of the pollution by surfactants in a river of a high Andean micro basin 

      Choque Quispe, David; Masco Arriola, Mery Luz; Ramos Pacheco, Betsy S.; Ligarda Samanez, Carlos A.; Solano Reynoso, Aydeé M.; Choque Quispe, Yudith; Alonzo Lanado, Jhunior Felix (Revista DYNA, 2020)
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      The surfactants linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS), is used in large quantities in modern society, and wastewater containing it can contaminate groundwaters through runoff and sewers. The study aimed to determine the ...
    • The influence of anthropogenic activities on the concentration of pesticides, physicochemical and microbiological properties in the Chumbao river, Andahuaylas, Perú 

      Ligarda Samanez, Carlos A.; Choque Quispe, David; Ramos Pacheco, Betsy S.; Peralta Guevara, Diego E.; Moscoso Moscoso, Elibet; Palomino Rincón, Henry; Huamán Carrión, Mary L. (International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJASEIT), 2021)
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      The province of Andahuaylas is located in the region of Apurimac, a Peruvian city located in the Andes. Andahuaylas has three important districts: San Jerónimo, Andahuaylas and Talavera. These areas are highly populated, ...
    • Water quality index in the high-andean micro-basin of the Chumbao river, Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Perú 

      Choque Quispe, David; Ligarda Samanez, Carlos A.; Solano Reynoso, Aydeé M.; Ramos Pacheco, Betsy S.; Quispe Quispe, Yadyra; Choque Quispe, Yudith; Kari Ferro, Aydeé (Revista Tecnología y ciencias del agua, 2021)
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      The water quality index (WQI) of a water body, indicates the degree of contamination for a given use, and it is related to the anthropic activities that they provoke around. The objective was to determine the WQI, in the ...
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